Monday, December 3, 2012

Show and Tell

Third grade is the grade to watch! How do I know this? Because the administration was so impressed with our literacy centers that they want teachers from other grades to observe our classes as well! Mrs. Delk blogged about literacy centers last week, you can check it out {HERE}.

So, we got together and decided to show off some more of our rockin' awesome skills. Check out our hallway! We have lots we want to show off!

Entering the 3rd grade hallway:
 All of 3rd grade is working on identifying text features. Text features covers different genres of text, and also different parts of fiction and nonfiction. This chart is in the front of the hall, and the following board is at the end of the hall.

Students are using newspapers and magazines to find text features and create a Text Features Book.
Here's what else you can find!

 Synonyms for all seasons!

 Mathematical reasoning: Subtraction as "take away"

 Mathematical reasoning: Subtraction as "comparison".

Contraction hearts

To infinity and beyond! Looking at our previous study of space!

 Planets in order

 Check out {THIS} post for the song!

More songs!

In the hallway leading to the 3rd grade hall, Mrs. Delk's class is displaying their 3-D landforms.

Last, but not least, we have our current study of American Government. 

You can follow along with our social studies topic at home! Feel free to download the vocabulary power points for this unit!

Chapter 7- Citizenship

Chapter 8- Branches of Government

As always, we love comments and visitors!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Landform Projects

We had 2 days of school this week due to Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Delk's class spent their time working on landform projects.
Students completed 3 tasks:

1. Look up 3 landforms in the dictionary and write their definitions on index cards
2. Create landforms using play dough and paper plates
3. Paint landforms

Here are their creations!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fiction and Nonfiction: Text Features and Genres

This week we are learning about the difference between fiction and nonfiction, looking at their text features and genres. Check out this foldable on fiction and nonfiction!



To check out the Power Point we are using in class, click {HERE}!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Landform flipbooks

Students in Mrs. Delk's class are making awesome flipbooks on landforms! The assignment combined dictionary skills with science in an engaging, artistic display of brilliance. :)

The assignment:
1. Choose 7 landforms from the power point from yesterday
2. Find and copy the definition of the landforms onto the appropriate flap
3. Add a picture of the landform

Check out these brilliant kids!

 You can check out the Landforms Power Point that we used!