Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tell me a story...

Our fabulous new teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, is acclimating herself to the 3rd grade team beautifully! She is part of the 2-teacher team of Jackson & Wheeler.
Mrs. Jackson is in charge of all things science and math, while Mrs. Wheeler covers all things literacy and integrated social studies.

Here's Mrs.Wheeler with her hubby.

For the past few weeks, 3rd grade has been studying the difference in the genres of fairy tales, fables, and trickster tales. (as per the Common Core standards and units we are following)
Mrs. Wheeler showed off her artistic and literary skills by making these fabulous anchor charts to help anchor student learning.

Ummm... can we say "Wicked cute?" When I saw them, I knew I had to share!
And here's another anchor chart for Accountable Talk during carpet time.

Wonderful job, Mrs. Wheeler! Keep up the good work!

Science Vocabulary- Living and Nonliving things

In the 3- Person teaching team, we are moving out of Unit 1's science study of matter, separation of mixtures, and scientific tools. This week is a preview of Unit 2 which is a study of living and nonliving things and their influence on each other. Here is the vocabulary power point that Delk, Chastain, and Vaughn's class are using this week.

Students made vocabulary flash cards today with definitions and picture representations for the words. They will be able to use the cards during the test, so don't lose them!