Friday, August 24, 2012

Types of Sentences

Students in K-2 learn these types of sentences:
1. Statement- tells someone something
2. Command- tells someone to do something
3. Question- asks a question
4. Exclamation- shows excitement or strong emotion

This is fine for younger students, but students in grades 3-5 need to know more technical terms. Check out how sentences have changed!

1. Statement------> Declarative sentence
2. Command--------> Imperative sentence (shows urgency, needs to be done quickly)
3. Question---------> Interrogative sentence (like when the police interrogate someone, they ask questions!)
4. Exclamation------> Exclamatory sentence

The 3rd grade team had our students create a flip chart of the different types of sentences for future reference.

 Interrogative (question words)

 Declarative (statement that tells you something)

 Exclamatory (shows strong emotion or excitement)

 Imperative (shows urgency, needs to be done quickly)

If you'd like an activity to practice these sentences, feel free to download this activity! If you download it, please leave a comment about what you think!