Friday, September 28, 2012

Boot Camp- Complete Sentences

This week in General Delk's Boot Camp room, we worked on making complete sentences. First we discussed what students though made a complete sentence, then we learned a jingle. It's singing time!

(From the Shurley Method)

Sentence Jingle:
A sentence, sentence, sentence
Is complete, complete, complete
When 5 simple rules
It meets, meets, meets.

It has a subject, subject, subject
And a verb, verb, verb
It makes sense, sense, sense
With every word, word, word.

Add a capital letter, letter
And an end mark, mark.
Now we're finished and aren't we smart?
Now our sentence has all its parts.
Alpha Team:

 Bravo Team: By far the best Team of the day!

Charlie Team:

 Delta Team:

Great job, Teams!

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