Friday, September 28, 2012

Multiplication Math Chants

Third grade has been working on multiplication for weeks now. To make things easier to remember, we as a team have added motions and chants to multiplication facts!

The motions we use go along with a SIOP training that Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Delk attended a month ago. Studies show that students love and need more motions and visuals in lessons, so here you go!

Thank you, Ms. Roach! These are short and sweet!

Explaining multiplication- it's repeated addition!

x0- when you multiply by 0 the answer is 0!

x1- when you multiply by 1 the answer stays the same!

x2- when you multiply by 2 it's a doubles fact!

x10- when you multiply by 10, add a 0 on the end!

Teachers- feel free to use these in your room!

Parents- practice these at home with your student!

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